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On this page, you can download the following manuals free of charge:

  • Quick Reference Guide PubPsych1 (PDF)
    The user manual is a short search aid for PubPsych.
  • PubPsych Help Guide2 (PDF)
    The user manual is a detailed search aid for PubPsych.
  • Retrieval Strategies for PSYNDEX with PubPsych
  • PSYNDEX Indexing & Abstracting Manual3
    (German-language PSYNDEX documentation manual)
    (PDF, 349 KB, 98 pages)
    The manual is designed to help new and experienced indexers/abstractors. It explains and illustrates the various indexing fields, describes the criteria and style of ZPID abstracts, and provides instructions on keying in data. Various appendices furnish examples for indexing and abstracting.
  • Internationale Richtlinien für die Testanwendung4
    German version of the International Guidelines for Test Use, Version 2000
    ZPID was authorized by the Association of German Professional Psychologists (BDP) to prepare a German translation of the International Test Commission's Guidelines for Test Use.
    These guidelines were officially approved by the International Test Commission at its congress in June 1999 at Graz, Austria. The objective of the International Test Commission is to provide rules for using tests correctly and professionally in order to encourage best-possible diagnostic practice.

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