Search in PSYNDEX

How do I search for literature, audiovisual media, and tests in PSYNDEX?

You can search simple or very complex topics in PSYNDEX using search criteria such as content-related keywords, classifications and other indexing terms, publication year, or author.

Often, all you need for a successful search is to enter one term or a combination of terms (simple search).

Advanced searches offer additional search capabilities such as:

  • Field-specific searches
  • Searches using Boolean logical operators (AND, OR, NOT) to combine search terms and/or search statements
  • Searches using truncation and wildcards to search for all variations of a search term
  • Using the built-in thesaurus or indexes to find and search terms
  • Limiting search results to specific criteria

Search syntax and database field names may vary in different versions of PSYNDEX.

Search aids are available for different versions of PSYNDEX:

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