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Audiovisual Media in PSYNDEX

In 2020 2925 records in the PSYNDEX database refer to German and English-language psychologically relevant audiovisual media. Most of these are videos (DVD or CD). There is also documentation of visual still image material (such as slide series, slides), records and 16mm films (archived film material back to 1932). Each year, 100 to 150 documents are added.

In the database PSYNDEX the bibliographical data of the media are recorded and a contentwise indexing with abstract, keywords and classification is made. This means that the AV media references can be searched along with the existing literature documents (PSYNDEX Lit). Of particular importance for audiovisual media is the field "source", which contains technical information (e. g.: 2 CD or 1 DVD; download (93 minutes): 102 MB audio, 586 MB video) and reference information.

This documentation of audiovisual media includes, among other things:

  • Educational films on the scientific methodology and practical applications of psychology
  • Media to illustrate psychological phenomena and processes
  • Recordings of lectures, lectures, discussions, and interviews
  • Recording of workshops and live demonstrations on psychotherapeutic procedures and psychological trainings
  • Documentation of case studies and practical experience
  • Portraits of important psychologists and psychotherapists
  • Media for scientifically based self-help

Overall, PSYNDEX AV is the most comprehensive documentation of psychologically relevant AV media in the German-speaking countries. The entire inventory can be retrieved via the following search strategies in PubPsych: seg=av or db=psyndex dt="Audiovisual document".

The Media Suppliers directory lists the corresponding reference addresses in an overview. The PsychLinker column Audiovisual Media informs about additional offers (also in the international area), which are not proven in PSYNDEX AV.

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