Psychological research trends

How does psychological research from the German-speaking countries evolve and which topics are addressed the most?

PsychTopics is our offer for exploring psychological research topics and trends. The aim is to display how psychological research from the German-speaking countries is evolving and which topics are particularly addressed.


Features of PsychTopics include:

  • the most popular topics by year or within a certain range of years,
  • topics showing the strongest increasing or decreasing trend (“hot” and “cold topics”),
  • the change in topic content over time (“topic evolution”),
  • and one-click literature search in PSYNDEX.

Using PsychTopics, you can

  • gain an overview of the variety of psychological research,
  • find ideas for emerging or (to-be) revitalized topics,
  • historically contextualize your own research, or
  • find instructional material for students to historically contextualize study projects and dissertations.


Conclusions should be drawn carefully, as topics are derived automatically from PSYNDEX records using machine learning algorithms. The topics presented are primarily for exploratory purposes and make no claim to completeness.

When interpreting the results, please also note that publication processes (e.g. special issues on a topic, newly published or discontinued journals or book series) and changing inclusion and selection criteria of literature databases can influence publication trends.

PsychTopics is under development but free to use and open to everyone to explore. The app is optimized for larger screens, but also works on smartphones.

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